what trainees of Yoga Baum Yoga School have said:

Laurie is an extremely knowledgable and compassionate teacher with a strong desire to see her students succeed. This training not only provided me with a foundation on which to build a vinyasa class as an aspiring teacher, but also challenged me as a student. I would highly recommend this training for anyone who wants to expand and deepen their practice.
— Kathryn S.
This training really deepened my yoga practice. Laurie helped nurture my strengths and gently foster growth toward my goals. I felt challenged but also safe enough to explore new poses, types of yoga, and concepts. I also enjoyed watching how each student developed toward their individual goals and found their unique teacher voices. I really can’t recommend this school enough - no matter your personal yogic aspirations!
— Kimberly Cherry
Laurie cares unconditionally for her students. Her teaching practices, organization, methods, and personal attention are second to none. I am honored to be a part of Yoga Baum’s inaugural class!
— Stephanie Fish
It has been a wonderful experience attending Yoga Baum’s teacher training. I highly recommend this training to deepen one’s yoga practice.
— Denise Ingle
Photo by Sarah Hart Landolt

Photo by Sarah Hart Landolt

what Laurie's students have said about her private lessons:

My girlfriend and I had been thinking about doing yoga for a long time, and on a whim we decided to stop into the studio where Laurie teaches classes on what happened to be one of the busiest days of the year. It would have been entirely reasonable for Laurie to brush me off with how many people were filtering in and out, but she was attentive and gave me all the information I needed to make an educated decision about how to begin my practice. She’s a caring and excellent trainer who understood our need to feel challenged without feeling overwhelmed, and corrected our form in steps rather than all at once, allowing us to finely tune aspects of our practice without slowing it down. As a trainer she has that much sought after and elusive quality that everyone hopes their trainer has: the ability to push you just to the edge of what you can do, and I can’t recommend her enough not only to people beginning their practice who (like us) are unsure of how to break into what can be an intimidating scene, but to intermediate and advanced practitioners as well, as her capacity to adjust to whatever level you are at is backed up by a high level of skill and an easy awareness of your personal skill level.
— Steven Simeone
Photo by Sarah Hart Landolt

Photo by Sarah Hart Landolt

what Laurie's students have said about her group classes:

I have been practicing yoga for several years, and Laurie always finds a way to challenge me, fulfill me, or assist me into a deeper version of my favorite poses. Laurie’s sequencing is always thoughtful, her adjustments are amazing, and her laid back and welcoming personality makes you instantly feel at home in her class. Laurie is a consummate professional, and I trust her knowledge and expertise 100%. Whether you’ve been practicing for years or you’re taking your first yoga class, you are sure to get something out of a class with Laurie.
— Carrie Pond
Laurie’s classes are accessible to all levels and she treats each individual practitioner with the most attentive care. Not only will you feel challenged, but you will walk away feeling completely centered! She is soothing and supportive and her transitions are seamless! You flow through the class and before you know it, you’re resting in savasana! I highly recommend giving Laurie’s classes a try if you are new to yoga or an experienced practitioner! She has something to offer everyone!
— Shawna Hickok
I’m not just someone who is new to yoga, I’ve never done it! I heard about Laurie’s class through my friend, and decided to join. I loved it! I didn’t really know how to do any of the things, but Laurie was so patient and so helpful in helping me get through each of the poses and, ultimately, through the class. She’s amazing!!
— Bryn Turner

what Laurie's students have said about her workshops:

I have been teaching yoga for almost three years, and still learned a lot from the “Ashtanga Vinyasa for Everyone” workshop. I gained new perspective on approaches to teaching beginners and creating sequences with these in mind. It was a great opportunity to continue my education and broaden my experience as an instructor.
— Laura Olinger